Important Notification - Covid 19

Please note that ICTIS 2020 will go ahead in May as planned! No changes in venue or dates are currently foreseen. However, we are aware of severe travel restrictions, travel advisories, lockdowns in India and across the globe due to pandemic, and are also monitoring Indian Government measures daily. We will continue to monitor the situation and will post regular updates. In response to travel concerns, the requirement to present accepted papers in person will be relaxed and will allow for virtual presentations. More details on how this will be organized will follow in near time.

Travel Safety and Medical Guidelines
The safety and well-being of all conference participants is our priority. We will continue to monitor official travel advisories related to the Corona Virus and update the event website to keep you informed. Please visit these links for updated travel/Medical safety information pertaining to the COVID-19 outbreak in global world as well as specifically INDIA:

*   World Health Organization
*   Government of India

We look forward to your participation.


On behalf of the Organizing Committee of ICTIS 2020, we take the pleasure to invite you to The 4th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for Intelligent Systems that will be held on May 15th – 16th, 2020 in Pride Plaza Hotel, Ahmedabad, India.

This conference will provide the participants with opportunities to discuss and explore areas related to the Theory, Development, Applications, Experiences and Evaluation of Interaction Sciences with fellow students, researchers and practitioners. Conference may concern any topic within the conference scope. Workshops may be related to any topics within the conference scope. The conference is devoted to increase the understanding role of Information and Communication Technology, how Intelligent Systems has day by day evolved. The conference will provide a platform for bringing forth significant research and literature across the field of Information and Communication Technology for Intelligent Systems and provide an overview of the technologies waiting unveiling. This interaction will be the focal point for leading experts to share their insights, provide guidance and address participant’s questions and concerns.

The advent of the World Wide Web has sparked renewed interest in the area of intelligent information technologies. There is a growing interest in developing intelligent technologies that enable users to accomplish complex tasks in web-centric environments with relative ease, utilizing such technologies as intelligent agents, distributed computing in heterogeneous environments, and computer supported collaborative work. The mission of the International Conference on ICT for Intelligent Systems is to bring together researchers in related fields such as information systems, distributed AI, intelligent agents, and collaborative work, to explore and discuss various aspects of design and development of intelligent technologies. This journal provides a forum for academics and practitioners to explore research issues related to not only the design, implementation and deployment of intelligent systems and technologies, but also economic issues and organizational impact.

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